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Custom Service Tasks

Question asked by christianelmer on Jul 14, 2011
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We have a framework project with components which should executes in business processes. For this task I use the Activiti Engine inside this framwork and use the eclipse designer plugin to model the business processes. These processes has only Service Tasks and one Receive Task, where I get a java object from the Delegate Execution, between the start and end task.

Now I would simplify the process modelling.I want to have a list of "custom service tasks", with a name and a full qualified class name. In first hand the developer should create custom service classes and in the other hand the user can just drag and drop this service tasks to the processes and he doesn't have to know the package and/or class name of this components.

Is the implementation of this feature possible and if yes how and in which component (designer, emf, graphiti, etc)? Can't anyone give me a few hints?

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