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Complete (including subprocesses) process history

Question asked by mlegnani on Jul 15, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 19, 2011 by mlegnani
I'm trying to implement what I suppose to be a very simple and common functionality for my application: the complete (including subprocesses) process history of a process that is not completed. This could be very useful to the user, making him understand what happened before.

I'm realizing that its very difficult to implement since:
    * there is no way to obtain the processInstanceId of a completed subprocess (while the parent process is still alive) from the callActivity that generated it from the API;
    * I then looked the DB schema trying to implement that functionality by myself but I discovered that such data is not kept in activiti tables. Once completed the subprocess is removed from runtime tables and remains only in history tables but act_ru_execution has a super_exec_ field allowing to know which is the parent, while there is no such information in any historic table (am I right?);
    * I decided to add a new custom table to keep track of the parent-child relation in historic tables, adding an executionListener to populate it on start of any subprocess but then I read on the forum that using API in listeners is discouraged since "You shouldn't use activiti API from within TaskListeners (nor from ExecutionListeners or JavaDelegates), this can mess up transactions.". So I can't know the parent process since I cannot use a simple line like:
    ProcessInstanc parentProcess = runtimeService.createProcessInstanceQuery().subProcessInstanceId(execution.getProcessInstanceId()).list().get(0);
    Am I right?
Does anybody have any suggestion to solve my problem?