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Implementation of Persistence

Question asked by chrisc on Jul 15, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 17, 2015 by oleksandr
Congratulations on your work with Activiti. I was looking at jBPM 4 but realized that jBoss' support for it seems to be waning.

It appears as though jBoss used Hibernate for its persistencet. Does Activiti use an ORM for it's persistence?

I was hoping to find a BPM engine that persists it's objects using a standardized implementation like JDO or JPA. There are libraries that provide an abstracted ORM interface so that frameworks can be written in a generic and portable way to use any persistence standard. We have even created our own called exPOJO. An application using Hibernate, JDO or JPA can simply use a library written on top of exPOJO and plug in the appropriate ORM implementation for their persistence technology. In this way the framework has more appeal as users of all ORM implementations can 'get on board' with it.

If Activiti was written using exPOJO we could readily use it in our application.

I just read that you only support H2 database currently which probably indicates that you don't use an ORM otherwise you would be readily able to support the wide range of databases that most ORM support. Is this correct?