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Cannot set params in bpmn20.xml to update diagram

Question asked by bassam on Jul 22, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2011 by bassam
Hi Activiti Team,

  In Activiti Designer, it seems that the Activiti Diagram dominates setting Input and Output Parameters of a CallActivity versus sharing control with the bpmn20.xml file.
  1. Saving params in the diagram updates the bpmn20.xml file accordingly.
  2. Saving params manually in the bpmn20.xml file has no impact on the diagram. And if the diagram is saved, the param changes in the bpmn20.xml file gets overwritten by what shows in the diagram. (bpmn20.xml manual changes are lost.)
  3. Deleting the diagram produces a new diagram without any params from the bpmn20.xml file.

  I'm using Activiti Eclipse BPMN 2.0 Designer v5.7.0 with Eclipse v3.6.2.