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FormProperty in Designer

Question asked by anuppc72 on Jul 26, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2011 by trademak
Hi, I'm confused with the syntax in the user guide and what shows up in the designer for FormProperty.

The designer UI for declaring FormProperty has Id, Name, Type, Value, Readable, Writable and Required.

The bpmn20.xml translates this to

<activiti:formProperty id="CRNumber" name="CR Number" type="string" required="true" readable="true" writable="true"></activiti:formProperty>  - In this case Value was blank.

<activiti:formProperty id="priority" name="Priority" type="enum" variable="low,medium,high,mandatory" required="true" readable="true" writable="true"></activiti:formProperty> - I had entered comma separated values in the Value . However i see the generated xml has a variable attribute.

I was expecting my xml to be in this form:

       <activiti:formProperty id="priority" name="Priority" type="enum"  required="true" readable="true" writable="true">
           <activiti:value id="Low" name="Low" />
           <activiti:value id="Medium" name="Medium" />
           <activiti:value id="High" name="High" />

Looks like some mismatch between the UI and generated xml??