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Execution listener on end event?

Question asked by unsavory on Jul 27, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 3, 2014 by aggiepilot04
I need to have an execution listener defined on the end event of my process.  Something like this:
<endEvent id="abandoned">
            <activiti:executionListener class="seah.bpm.qualification.UserStatusListener">
               <activiti:field name="status" stringValue="ABANDONED" />
               <activiti:executionListener class="seah.bpm.qualification.QualificationInactiveListener" />

This is legal according to the schema, but it does not actually fire the listeners.  Is this a bug?  If not, how would one go about specifying listeners that can fire on the end event.  I call this end event from several different places within my process and need to always fire these listeners so do not want to specify them for each sequence flow.