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Hibernate support

Question asked by dwestra on Jul 28, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2011 by trademak

I read some discussions about Hibernate support and how it seems unlikely that Activiti will support Hibernate. By Hibernate support I mean that it is used to store the complete workflow state like now is done with MyBatis.
In my opinion adding Hibernate support or even making it easy to plug in hibernate is crucial for Activiti to be used.
In our project we use hibernate to communicate with the database. I especially like the fact that it supports so many different databases.
My company has a lot of international companies as clients and they use a big range of different databases. Now because Activiti supports a few databases it essentially isn't usable by us, even though it performs the workflows we designed very well. Furthermore because all the data in our system is already retrieved / stored with Hibernate, it seems only logical to also use it for Activiti.
Even if you still think that Hibernate support is not going to be included would it be possible to plug it in somewhere easy?