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architecture question

Question asked by saatsch on Jul 28, 2011
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2011 by ronald.van.kuijk
Hello everybody,

we have two jboss servers that don't know each other. (no clustering) The only thing they have in common is a connection to the same database.

If we deploy a webapp with embedded activiti-engine.jar to both servers, is there a chance of concurrency issues ?

(like e.g. in a process with two human tasks that can be executed in parallel and one user is on jboss1 and the other on jboss2 and exactly at the same time both users complete their tasks)

Do we have to take any notable extra measures to ensure we stay safe from such concurrency issues ?

Are the REV_ columns in the database tables used for checking/preventing such concurrency issues, or do they exist for history logging reasons ?

Thanks very much in advance for any help.