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Extending Activiti Designer-Can one jar have multiple task?

Question asked by yatish on Aug 4, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2011 by yatish

I have recently started using Activiti, I am quite impressed with it. Thanks for providing such an open source solution.

I started extending activiti designer, and successfully created one custom task with its java delegate class. When i tried to add another custom task and another java delegate to the same jar, it worked for designer but not for engine. Meaning, engine complained that it was not able to find my second java delegate class. When i created two different jars, everything worked perfect. Is this a limitation or a bug? or as designed? If it is as designed, I do no understand reason for it.

To make question more clear, If my jar contains following:
   |—, (both these extends AbstractCustomServiceTask)
   |—, (both these implements JavaDelegate)

this jar works for designer, but when i run jUnit for a workflow, that has Customtaks2 in it, it complains java.lang.ClassNotFoundException for

When i split this jar into two jars, it works like a champ.

please let me know if this is a bug or as designed.