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Delete running process from activiti database

Question asked by yangyang.qian on Aug 10, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2011 by frederikheremans1
We're currently trying to keep our Activiti db (oracle) in synch with another oracle db that tracks request details … so for example if someone starts a process with a business key, the key is used as the unique identifier for the process in the Activiti db, and the misc information in the other db.

Sometimes I find that I need to delete a process from the Activiti db to keep it in synch with the other db and vice versa (as a maintenance task) … I was hoping to delete the records from the Activiti side by just going through all the tables and deleting the corresponding rows.

I know that running processes exist in ACT_RU_EXECUTION … and older finished ones are moved to the various ACT_HI_ tables … but I'm kind of at a loss as to which tables I'll need to touch in order to totally scrub a process from the Activiti (given a business key to start with).

Don't suppose there's a schema diagram out there?