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API for getting the start_time of any workflow instance.

Question asked by hamepal on Aug 10, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2011 by hamepal
Hi All,
I have a use-case where we need to monitor the workflow instance execution time. If any instance is taking more than a specified time we have to red-flag that instance.
In order to do this we need to get the running instance start time. we tried to look into  ACT_HI_PROCINST. This  table has process start and end time. But there is a catch, if the work-flow instance is still running this table doesn't contain the information, but it contains the information if workflow involve any usertask or  crashes in between.
Most of our workflow doesn't have usertask. So  ACT_HI_PROCINST table will not serve the purpose.

Now we want any API which should give the start time of any workflow-instance if we provide the work-flow instance Id.

any help will be greatly appreciated.  :)