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Architecture while using Activiti Datasource

Question asked by frankee787 on Aug 16, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2011 by heymjo
Dear All,
  I am trying to convince myself on the architecture of introducing the Activiti Datasource/Database(ADS). When I say ADS, I mean the database where Acitivi store the process states and other process metadata.
  To be more precise lets take an example. Lets say I have a Loan System as part of a banking module. The Database which store the application will be the Loan System Database(LDS).
   Now, should LDS and ADS be in the same database ?

eg: If I were using Oracle Database should LDS and ADS exist in the same schema?
eg: If I were using MySQL Database should LDS and ADS exist in the same database?

My gut feeling says they should be in two different schemas/databases. However, this obviously introduces XA transactions. JTA with XA transaction is a beast by itself and hence makes me choose a single schema/database

This is my dilemma. Could you please share you insights on how you would go about using Acitivi?

Thanks and Regards,