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locking a task?

Question asked by christoph.rettig on Aug 18, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2011 by christoph.rettig
Hi, I would like to be able to lock a task so that only one specific user can work on it

In the API I find the methods

addUserIdentityLink(String taskId, String userId, String identityLinkType)

addCandidateUser(String taskId, String userId)
claim(String taskId, String userId)
setAssignee(String taskId, String userId)
setOwner(String taskId, String userId)

and have a few questions on them:

(a) Which one of the above methods would be appropriate?
(b) Is there a documentation of the semantics of asignee, owner, candidate?
© Could I use a own IdentityLink, e.g. locked for this purpose?

Also I was asking which TaskQuery I should use to get all tasks that I could work on - so where I am owner, candodate or assignee?

  regards, c