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Tasks creation

Question asked by tizo on Aug 18, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2011 by tizo
Hi there,

We have been using Activiti for some months now. We have never faced the following situation, but we know that we will to really soon (we are using Activiti as the basis of our system, which is growing a lot): a user realized that has committed a mistake in a task that is already completed. He/she wants us (the managers) that let him/her do the task again. For that, we would like to delete the actual task instance (thinking in a single execution workflow), and create a new task instance of another task (something like "rewind" the workflow).

As we have seen in the API, we could use the method "TaskService.deleteTask" to delete a task, but we couldn't see one to create a new task on the same process. So the question is about the best way to resolve this. Is there any method in the API that could help us to do that?. Or maybe can this be done in one of the Activiti web applications like Activiti Explorer, Cycle, etc?. Or perhaps we should insert a new row directly in the DB to create the new task (in table act_ru_task)?.

Thanks very much.