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bmpn20.xml does not sync with .acitiviti files properly

Question asked by ruedesilva on Aug 19, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2011 by lisama

In the latest 5.7.1 designer when you open an .xml file the .activiti file that gets generated automatically is not synced properly. Form parameters, documentation elements etc are missing in the Activiti diagram. Then when you save the Activiti diagram the .xml file is overwritten and all the Form params, documentation etc are gone. This was not the case previously as there used to be a 'design' and 'src' tabs instead of having to open the diagram and .xml files separately. Also if you modify the .xml file the changes are not reflected in the Acitiviti diagram - which was not the behaviour before. So now it has become very difficult to maintain complex WFs.

Is this the normal behaviour now? Seems like some bug? It should work as prior to 5.7.1 no matter where you make a change both should be synched.