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Deployment of Activiti Engine with REST API in spring

Question asked by rohitdev on Aug 23, 2011
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2011 by trademak
I intend to deploy Activiti(5.7) as an embedded workflow engine.
The following is how my architecture looks like.
I will have a Spring container(we have a standalone app) in which i would be plugging in Jetty,CXF,Activiti(with external DB).
All the 3 component will be initialised as & when needed.I don't want an OSGi/etc. deployment container, i would take care of them as beans & use Spring lifecycle to control the respective beans

Now how do i expose Activiti as an REST api from within an Spring container.I read in the documentation
"Instead of making sure that all process engines have all the delegation classes on their classpath and use the right spring configuration, you can consider to include the Activiti rest webapp inside your own webapp so that there is only one single ProcessEngine."

But this is not a clean way since REST webapp has loads of libraries+its own source code to maintain which would pollute my code repository.

How do  i structure my app so as to have a clean deployment ?