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dueDate and taskList

Question asked by luisalves00 on Sep 1, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2011 by luisalves00

I'm using the dueDate attribute in one of my workflows, as in the next code block

<userTask id="renew_request"
         name="Renew Request(${requestNumber})"
         activiti:assignee="${assignee}" activiti:dueDate="${dueDate}">

then I show the user tasks using:

tasks = getActivitiEngine().getTaskService().createTaskQuery().taskAssignee(userID).orderByTaskPriority().asc().orderByTaskCreateTime().asc().list();


How to not show the due tasks? 

   … not sure if .dueAfter( today ) will have the expected result since most of the task don't have an dueDate.

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