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ExecutionQuery and ProcessInstanceQuery doesnt return result

Question asked by yatish on Aug 31, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 1, 2011 by frederikheremans1

Here is my simple workflow,

start —> A —> B —-> C —-> end

A,B,C are ServiceTasks with JavaDelegate(ADelegate, BDelegate, CDelegate). Each delegate have 2 second sleep( Thread.sleep(2000) ) call to keep the workflow runnig for 6 seconds. From my JUnit program, i create a thread, which i instantiate this workflow with business key("myKey1"). After this, from my JUnit, I do query for process instance for "myKey1" using runtmieService.createExecutionQuery as well as runtmieService.createProcessInstanceQuery. but both of them returns me null process instance list. At the time, i execute these queries, my javaDelegate print statement tells me that i am at either task A or at task B. So, My workflow is still alive. Even If i query using actual processInstanceId instead businessKey, It does not return me any result. I do have singleton runtimeService and ProcessEngine.

If I add receive task after A, B and C and if i execute same queries when waiting after A, it gives me correct results.

I am wondering, why it would not return me any result in Case1? I am not sure if I am doing something that is not inclined with Activiti threading fundamentals.