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Asynchronous Continuations and possible Workarounds

Question asked by dokmatik on Sep 8, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2011 by ronald.van.kuijk

I have read many forum postings carefully around "asynchronous continuations".
I would like to make sure that I understand it thoroughly.

To my understanding "asynchronous continuations" is a feature not yet available in the latest Activiti release (5.7). Right ?
It's a feature where tasks may be processed asynchronously by the process engine (in Java -> in a different thread of execution). Right ?

We have the current situation where a lot of  background tasks/jobs (not human) need to be performed more or less sequentially but still asynchronously. Such a procesess is initiated in an ad-hoc way by users so timer-based start events wouldnt be helpful here ????

So what is the preferred way of modeling such a business process to incorporate asynchronisity properly.

Thank you