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Not able to serialize RuntimeService instance

Question asked by yatish on Sep 9, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2011 by yatish

Due to some tricky requirement, I needed to pass the Runtime Service from my driver program(jUnit) to a JavaDelegate. We know that we are breaking some activiti rules here. But we need to do it for now. I wrote a wrapper serializable class around Runtime Service, and tried to pass it in a map. But it returned me an ActivitiException "coudn't deserialize value '' in variable 'WF1'". VISWorkFlowCallable is my callable and serializable class which holds runtimeService handle.

Is there a way to pass RuntimeService to JavaDelegate? I can not keep a singleton instance of RuntimeService for my application.

I am actually writing a Custom Task that needs RuntimeService. From my Custom task, I want to create java threads, that instantiates workflows.