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Create a generic fail event manager

Question asked by sazzadul on Sep 12, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 21, 2011 by sazzadul

I am trying to create a generic fail event manager by using boundary event but can't get it to work.
What I would like to do is whenever my delegate class adds an execution variable say createActivityFailed then I would like
the boundary event to catch this error and create a user task say FEM.

I have wrapped up all the delegate classes inside a subprocess to acheive a generic way of cathing error.

Currerently our company runs on Webspere process engine server and considering migrating to Activity thus we need to implement this fail event mechanism which the other product have before we can go on migrating all the processes. We have many processes to migrate and we have lots of flows in each process thus we must implement a kind of fail event manager.

I am attaching my demo eclipse project.

Any help or suggestion will highly be appreciated.

Thans in advance.