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Callactivity with open task not ending?

Question asked by emptyres on Sep 13, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2011 by trademak
Hiya - this process, when used as a process definition from a "callactivity" node, never returns.

I would expect if you do not execute the cancelOrder it should execute either of the two branches on the left, reach the end node, and return control to the superprocess.

    - the superprcess never resumes control.
    - Dumping the process history shows the "callactivity" node as not finished
    - the cancelOrder task is marked as not completed
I tried adding exclusive gateways before the end, but to no avail.


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I will try to provide a unit test, but if you have any ideas of what may be wrong in the meantime, I'd be very grateful, as it will require some time for me to unroot the subprocess from the superprocess.