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activiti-rest & -explorer sharing process engine? (v5.7)

Question asked by f3lix on Sep 12, 2011
Latest reply on Mar 30, 2017 by ratik.singhal

in the previous versions of Activiti (<= 5.6) my understanding was that there was one instance of a process engine that was shared using the REST interface; activiti-probe and activiti-explorer would use the REST interface to manipulate the state of the process engine.

Now, in Activity 5.7 it seems to me that both, activiti-rest AND activiti-explorer, have an instance of the process engine running and they share there state via the DB. Is this correct? If yes, I have a feeling that this would cause problem. But my understanding of the inner workings of Activiti are unfortunately still very limited …

BTW, is there something like an architecture diagram of Activiti that would show such interdependencies/relations of modules?