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Activiti using MaxDB

Question asked by gnsuarez on Sep 14, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2011 by trademak
Hi Guys,
I know that MaxDB(SAP DB) isn't one of the supported databases, but nevertheless I'ld like to ask two questions regarding this database:

  • Does someone has already used MaxDB with Activiti?? Well, I did and of course it didn't work (even when I explicitly forced Activiti to treat MaxDB as another database like Oracle or MySQL). The SQL queries cannot be executed by MaxDB.

  • However, assuming that I adapt the Activiti code in order to use MaxDB. How can I be sure that all features of Activiti will work? I don't think that it would be enough that all tests run without issues. I read that there is some kind of QA for the database support. I couldn't find this QA. Is it documented somewhere??

Thanks for the help.