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Best practice for interface (new project)

Question asked by kurdy on Sep 14, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2011 by trademak
Hi all,

I am going to use Activiti for a new project. The project characteristics are:
  • It's standalone project

  • We are free to select framework's (GUI, Grails, Spring)

  • We have few process and few users (small)

  • The final result should be something like Activiti explorer but with another look an feel
My questions are:
  • For GUI framework should I use explorer as base or do you advice to use grail-plugin or an other framework like extjs Surf(I don't like it but if it's the best in the activiti context I will use it)

  • If I create an external application using Surf or another framwork is the Form functionnalities are availables ?

  • Using an external framework do I have an easy way to get a graphic view of the process ?
Mainly it's not clear for me the purpose of activiti explorer. It is an admin and/or generic application or the base to develop your own application ?

Thanks for your advices.