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Separating out User Management

Question asked by agarwalk on Sep 20, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 27, 2011 by lykm02

   I have a centralized user management system which I want to use in my application in which Activiti is used as a process management tool.

   I dont want to have the pain of syncing the users with activiti user database.

   If I see the tasks APIs in Activiti, it doesn't validate the users are there in Activiti DB or not.

   This means I can assign a task to any user Name / group (even when these are not present in Activiti).

   I am using Spring for all my business logic and all the security related activities are hanled by Spring itself.

   Just wanted to confirm if this is valid or not?? Can I use activiti without using its user management portion.

   I understand for logging purpose I can set IdentityService.setAuthenticarId() externally.

   Request thoughts on this..

Thanks in advance