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How to wait to receive data externally?

Question asked by andreasa on Sep 18, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 18, 2011 by ronald.van.kuijk

I'm new with Activiti and BPM-tools.

I have a process that sends out a call to a WS at an external partner. This is sent async to them. At some point they will return with an answer to that call, by calling a WS with us. In the meantime I want the ReceiveTask to wait for the response from the external partner. How do you go about setting this up? I can't figure out how much of this is supported in BPMN 2.0, and Activiti. Also I can't figure out how much of this should be implemented in Activiti and how much should be on the side. Do I need some kind of correlation key, do I need eventlisteners etc.?

Any pointers would be appreciated!