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Can i assign some custom properties inside process def.?

Question asked by tomcheng76 on Sep 21, 2011
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2011 by tomcheng76

I cannot find a way to assign custom properties to a process definition in the bpmn20.xml files.

This is the use case:

There is a process called "BorrowBook" which belongs to System "library".

I want to attach something like

<property id="system" value="library" />

inside the bpmn20.xml files under the process tag.

I know User Task and I can assign the process to a candidate group.

However, I just want to classify the processes so i can display them easily even if I have 10000000 process definitions……….

The classification is different to permission stuff, they are groups of processes, but not specifying who can access what process…

Can i use itemDefinition, resources or DataObject ??

Please provides example as i am BPMN newbie totally…

Comments are welcomed.

Thanks in advance  :)