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How to determine reason why user task has ended

Question asked by etienne on Sep 27, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2011 by frederikheremans1

How can I differentiate that a user task has ended because of an interrupting timer event vs. normal user completion? If I add an execution listener ('end' event name) to the user task element (sample xml below), I cannot find a way to determine why the task has ended, i.e. interrupted vs. normal completion. The 'deleteReason' property on the ExecutionEntity has always been null.

<process id="singleTimeEventUserTaskProcess">
        <startEvent id="start"/>
        <userTask id="userTask"/>
        <endEvent id="end"/>

        <boundaryEvent id="timer" attachedToRef="userTask" cancelActivity="true" parallelMultiple="false">

        <sequenceFlow sourceRef="start" targetRef="userTask"/>
        <sequenceFlow sourceRef="userTask" targetRef="end"/>
        <sequenceFlow sourceRef="timer" targetRef="end"/>

Thanks in advance for any hints on how I can find out why a user task has ended.

Regards, Etienne