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Boundary Error Event causes getActiveActivityIds bug?

Question asked by krausest on Oct 3, 2011
I have two issues that can be seen in the attached process (use mvn test to run the testcase).
The test case causes the subprocess to end in an error event. The "ParallelUserTask" is thus canceled as expected and the execution continues in "AfterError". The "MainUserTask" stays also open as expected.

The two issues I'm facing are:
1. If the process is waiting in "MainUserTask" runtimeService.getActiveActivityIds(processInstanceId) returns an empty list. I'd expect to get "MainUserTask". Anything I could have done wrong or would you agree that this is a bug?
2. After completing the "MainUserTask" the whole process is ended and historyService.createHistoricProcessInstanceQuery().processInstanceId(processInstanceId).list() returns just a single HistoricProcessInstance and the end activity id is the end node after "MainUserTask". How can I also get the other end node (the one after "AfterError")?