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Passing variables from sub process to process

Question asked by rodolfobarbeiro on Oct 5, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 9, 2015 by symphony.personalis

I have a process and a sub process. The passage of variables of process for the sub process works correctly. BUT the passage from sub process to process does not occur.

<callActivity id="callSubProcess" calledElement="Payment" >
      <activiti:in source="event" target="event" />
      <activiti:in source="customer" target="customer" />
      <activiti:out source="result" target="result" />

The variable "result" is not passed to the process. This variable contains the result of the operation.

When I retrieve the process variables, the variable "result" does not exist. That is not passed to the parent process.

You need to add something special in the sub process? For example, add this before end-state: "<userTask name="WaitState" id="waitState"/>"


Rodolfo Barbeiro