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Current advice for custom user/group stuff

Question asked by gfredericks on Oct 4, 2011

I'm wondering about the current best way to implement custom users/groups (i.e., not using the ACT_ID tables). Most of the topics I found by searching (which unfortunately chooses to ignore the word "user") seemed to be out-of-date (referring to an 'IdentitySession', which doesn't seem to exist in the current version). I think the components of activiti that we're planning on using are the Explorer webapp and the embedded engine. These are my best guesses for how to use the two:

Embedded Engine

It seems that any action taken on a process instance doesn't require authentication, so the solution here would be to not worry about circumventing the activiti identity stuff, and just take actions on the process-instances and tasks directly.

Activiti Explorer

This is where our users will interact with the process instances and tasks. I've looked through the code a good amount, but not being too intensely familiar with the structure of java apps, I may have missed important stuff. The best idea I've come up with is to provide an alternative to the IdentityService class, and to modify any code in the Explorer app that has to obtain the IdentityService. (EDIT: Also to provide a LoginHandler)

Is this the best approach?