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Using Designer XML parser in standalone application

Question asked by jaale on Oct 21, 2011
I am currently working on a project for which we need to import a BPMN XML file into a standalone java program for further analysis. We'd like to use the BPMN EMF model of the Activiti Designer Eclipse plugin to store the contents, so our idea was to reuse the parser code of the Activiti Designer. For easy maintenance, e.g. quick replacement with the code from newer releases, I want to change the existing code as little as possible.

Is there any possibility to quickly modify the existing parser code, so that it is independent from Eclipse/Graphiti and can run in a standalone java command line application?
Ideally it should return a List containing all diagram elements, similar to what you get from the Graphiti Diagram class by calling diagram.eResource().getContents().

Thanks in advance for your help.