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Dynamic List with forms properties?

Question asked by marc.carrio on Oct 24, 2011
Latest reply on Jun 7, 2015 by jwistrom
Hi guys!

How we can create list (enum) with the dynamic options, filling options in java class or with UEL expressions?

In forms (act 5.6) I used:

<select name="listCategory">

${myVariable == 'A'?
'<option value="a1">A1</option>
<option value="a2">A2</option>'
:' '}

${myVariable == 'B'?
'<option value="b1">B1</option>
<option value="b2">B2</option>'
:' '}

<input type="hidden" name="tecnicosel_type" value="String"/>'

I test in act5.7 in form properties… and UEL don't work =S maybe with Expressions/Spring?

Other option maybe:

<activiti:formProperty id="chose1" variable="" type="enum" name="chose1" required="true" readable="true" writable="true">
       <activiti:value id="#{bean.getId1()}" name="#{bean.getName1()}" />
       <activiti:value id="#{bean.getId2()}" name="#{bean.getName2()}" />
       <activiti:value id="#{bean.getId3()}" name="#{bean.getName3()}" />

The problem is that in my case the number of options is different… depending of value of variable. I could put the maximum, but isn't much elegant…

Thanks a lot!  :)  :)