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Mapping from technical model to business model

Question asked by georg1 on Oct 24, 2011
Latest reply on Oct 25, 2011 by georg1
Hi all,

this is more a conceptual question about your best practises than a programming question.

Our development process is the following:

Our in-house customers are developing a business modell using the modeller.

Out development team is creating a technical model of the same business model. We have several processes to model the business model, for instance to avoid implementing loops in the process instead of just letting the process fail and restarting it.

One reason why we chose Activity was that we could easily visualize the current state of the process and show the progress to the customer.

However, given the current approach, we could only visualize the technical process, but not the one developed by the customers.

Are there any best-practice approaches to tackle this problem? If possible we would like to show the progress using the business model, not our technical model.

Has anyone of you successfully implemented a similar scenario?

Best regards