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Question asked by bwd on Oct 26, 2011
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I'm trying to get the BPMN XML definition for a given version from the database and associate it with running workflow processes.  The BPMN data appears to be stored in the ACT_GE_BYTEARRAY table (in the BYTES_ column).  The version information appears to be stored in the ACT_RE_PROCDEF (ID_ column), and I can use this to query for active workflows against the ACT_RU_EXECUTION table (column PROC_DEF_ID_) to see what workflows are active against a particular BPMN version.  However, once I have this, I can't find a way to tie it back to the BPMN definition in the bytearray table, as this table doesn't appear to store the version information.  Is there a SQL query or API that call or calls that I can do to obtain this link?

I see that both tables seem to have the same count of rows for a given NAME_/RESOURCE_NAME_, so it looks like entries are created in both tables when I load a new version of a given BPMN.  I suppose I could associate them by ordering the ids and picking one row from each table at the same index, but that seems clunk.

Any help/insight would be appreciated.