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Long running process and process upgrade

Question asked by vanden on Nov 7, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2011 by tomdc

I've seen similar topics but none answered my question.
My question is : Is there a way to upgrade a process and make currently running instances benefit from it?

A short example to illustrate:
Let's say that my process was deployed several months ago. Many instances are currently running.
I now want to change the process and add a mandatory step for each one, including already started processes as the rule changed and every user has to conform, even if he started his process before the change.
I do not want to ask all users to start a new process.

I saw the following in another post:
With long running processes deploying a new process definition will not change anything.
The long running process will just keep running in the old process definition.

But is this a default behaviour that can be changed by setting any attribute?