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What happens to unhandled exceptions in service task

Question asked by eduardp on Nov 10, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2011 by meyerd

I created a simple process that has a service task that calls a java class that just throws a RuntimeException. This is followed by an empty user task.

I basically want to know what would happen in this case and how to recover from the situation. Let's say for example my java code tried to access a database, but the database was down,  I'd like to see somewhere on the interface what the exception was and I'd like to 'resubmit' the process instance to the same step once the database is up again. How can I achieve this?

In my test, when the exception if thrown, the process instance moves to the Archived node on the explorer interface. I see no way of re-submitting the task, or a place where I can see the exception stack trace (apart for the log file).

If I'm on the wrong track, please let me know what the 'best practice' for this scenario is.