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Yaco would like to contribute (aka improving REST interface)

Question asked by erny18031 on Nov 8, 2011
Latest reply on Feb 9, 2012 by erny18031

Yaco developers (msaelices, antoniomaria/asanchez, erny1803/Ernesto Revilla) would like to contribute:

* ACT-947: Retrieve process variables through REST interface
* ACT-946: Category in ProcessDefinition REST Response
* ACT-945: Enable creating new users through rest interface
* ACT-959: Retrieve process diagram through rest interface by processDefinitionId
* ACT-960: Retrieve active task list from processInstanceId
All issues have patches attached.

Beside this we have already the following for REST API, but JIRA issues are still not created:
* Create Tasks and substasks
* Return processDefinitionId for each task
* Get process definition & tasks
* Reassign tasks
* Save variables in history patch

Beside this, we may like to contribute authentication with proxy user, much like Alfresco or the usual master user in IMAP.

Best regards.