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Integrate activiti-explorer with mule for mule task to work

Question asked by wrobelda on Nov 9, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 16, 2011 by wrobelda

We are facing the need to integrate Activiti Explorer with Mule ESB in a way that Activiti's Mule Task could to be used in a BPMN process definition to communicate via mule's VM. It wouldn't be a problem at all if Mule Task supported remote Mule instances but, as the manual says, it's currently only possible to use Mule Task when running Activiti embedded inside Mule instance.

And here's the thing, as we also want to be able to use Activiti Explorer at the same time, not only the Activiti Process engine.

After a brief analysis I came up with two possibilities:
1) To integrate mule into activiti-explorer (by leveraging Spring possibilities) and then embedding activiti inside mule (per mule-config.xml).
2) To integrate both mule and activiti-explorer into Tomcat.

Just to be clear, even though I am pretty new to Spring/Tomcat environments, I already have doubts about if any of these would work at all. For example how would Sprint/Tomcat  handle multiple attempts to register activiti process engine and if it was possible to make it register only single (common) one. As far as I understand, there would be at least single one registered by explorer and one per each mule project.
I am also wondering whether multiple instances are of any problem at all and if it's only important to have all of them reference same DB?

Please, correct me if I am wrong or suggest any other way it could be done.
Any help will be appreciated.