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Visual Designer kills bpmn20.xml

Question asked by frecklefoot on Nov 10, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 11, 2011 by tiesebarrell
I found this thread:, but it doesn't directly address my question. I have a process that I sketched out in the designer: the .activiti file. Then I went in and added some custom logic: the operation of a gateway, some formProperties, etc. Stuff I couldn't see an easy way of doing in the visual editor. Tested it out, it worked fine.

Then I went back to the .activiti file, made a small change, saved it and *BAM* all the logic in the bpm20.xml file was overwritten (it's okay, I had backups). Apart from adding all that custom code back in by hand, I don't any way around this. Is this a known/expected feature of Designer? That it blows away all modifications made by hand in the xml file? I haven't tried it, but I suspect the Modeler does the same thing. Our organization has workflows that are expected to change fairly frequently, and I don't see them relishing the task of merging back in logic after using the visual Designer or Modeler.