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is one bar one workflow ?

Question asked by sapra on Nov 13, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2011 by trademak
'create deployment artifacts'  is creating one bar file compiling all the bpmn files and .drl files.

need some help understanding whether :
1 bar file means one work flow ?
if my app has multiple workflows, how do I create multiple bar files .

in my web app, I use the following way to deploy the workflow.
<property name="deploymentResources" value="classpath*:/diagrams/*.bpmn20.xml" />

but, when I added a .drl file, I did not know how to include it to the deploymentResources .
does this property take comma seperated file names ? or, can I add multiple <property/> elements ?

later, I created a bar and deployed it using this:
<property name="deploymentResources" value="classpath*:/diagrams/*.bar"/>
and it deployed, but, it is good to know how to specifiy multiple resources ..