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Activiti Tasks functionality

Question asked by alum on Nov 14, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2011 by trademak
Hi, guys.
I am looking for an OpenSource BPM engine to be used as main part of BPM subsystem of our custom enterprise application.
First of all thank you for your nice Activiti engine.  It looks very good and promising.
But I concern the current functionality of Tasks: very simple, quite "poor" data model.
We need rich Human Task functionality, e.g. Task statuses, support Users, Groups, Queues, Escalations. Configurable Task status flow, static Task types definitions will be also nice to have features.
So I would like to ask are you planning to extend Task functionality to be conform WS-HumanTask specification (or just have similar features)?
If yes, then please answer when. Or .. if you are don't know when (lack of time) then are you ready to accept our contibution? We are ready to contibute because our target is not our own BPM solution (we will not have resources to support it) - we need BPM solution for our system with required functionality that is supported by open source community.
So the main question is if your plans and vision for future Activiti Tasks development agree with our needs then we can help with Task development.
As I see your roadmap is outdated, so what are you plans as for Activiti Task developent?

Andrey L.