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SLA monitoring and executing workflow tasks

Question asked by sapra on Nov 14, 2011
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2011 by trademak
being new to workflow, rules etc, trying to figure out whether what I am thinking is a regular scenario in the workflow world or not.

Say, I have this fictitious service called "Pizza Service".
Say I have various service levels, platinum, gold etc and platinum meaning when we serve a table we make sure the drinks are filled up, pizza is served etc ..
Now, say, I have the following workflow:
1. check how many guests on the dining table
2. serve them pizzas
3. serve them drinks

At this point of time, the process is done. Then, let us say, I have a monitoring service that regularly polls the table status. Say, a guest dink needs refill.
Question :
since filling the drinks is one of the steps of the workflow, is there a way to run that process [or a clone of it] and make it to execute that step ?

My main question is: is this kind of "provision a service", "monitor it"  and take care of the deltas … is this generally done in workflow systems ?
Can this be done using Activiti [ and is it possible within the normal or will it be stretching the engine/framework ]?

I am still trying to understand whether implementing a workflow is right for our problem or resort to java coding.