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tracing process execution

Question asked by mhw on Nov 15, 2011
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I am searching for a possibility to trace the execution of processes. We have a proprietary xml-format which is xslt-converted to bpmn20 and then executed. The designers of the process are no programmers. Our design tools is based on eclipse emf. So my idea is to implement some debugging trace to send it to the eclipse tooling for highlighting the nodes in the process and "stepping" forward.

I tried the following:

<sequenceFlow id="flow__hwLePislEd6JArVhar3Org" sourceRef="_hwLePislEd6JArVhar3Org" targetRef="_hwLeQCslEd6JArVhar3Org">
        <activiti:field name="source">
          <activiti:executionListener class="com.bigcompany.wfe.activiti.listener.SequenceFlowListener"/>
public class SequenceFlowListener implements ExecutionListener {

   private String source;
   public void notify(DelegateExecution execution) throws Exception {
      System.out.println("source: " + execution.getVariable("source") + source);
      System.out.println("destination: " + execution.getVariable("destination"));


Can anybody please enlighten me why this is not working? Any other ideas?

Best regards