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///NEED HELP/// New Line in Documentation

Question asked by arschloch1989 on Nov 16, 2011
Latest reply on Jan 10, 2013 by tomi87
Hi, I need some help.

I would like to know how you separate a paragraph into different lines. i.e.
username: bull, name: andy.

username: bull,

I would like to have it render in separate lines when viewing documentation using the activiti explorer.

what is the code to do this in the bpmn20.xml file:
      Details of the Company Phone request: 
      Employee ID: ${employeeName}
      Requested Phone Manufacturer: ${requestedPhoneManufacturer}
      Requested Phone Model: ${requestedPhoneModel}
      Phone Price: €${phonePrice}
      Full Name: ${name}
      House Number: ${houseNum}
      Street Address (First Line): ${addressFirstLine}
      Street Address (Second Line): ${addressSecondLine}
      Street Address (Third Line): ${addressThirdLine}
      Town/City: ${townOrCity}
      County: ${County}
      Country: ${Country}

this above renders all together, when viewing in the activiti exploxer, I would like to view them as on different lines, and need help with the code command to do this.