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[bug]create deployment artifact problem

Question asked by tomcheng76 on Nov 24, 2011

first of all, thank you for developing a plugin for eclipse, it is very useful.

There are two problems which i found when using "create deployment artifact"

1. Sometimes no bar is generated in the deployment folder.
Soln: delete the temporary files in the default output folder, the default output folder setting is in the Java Build Path setting tab.
Clean project does not help.

2. I created a custom form using the formKey feature and put it into src\main\resources\org\task\approve.form …then i created the bar and import it from the explorer. In explorer, the form resources is showing this
instead of

Soln: manually zip the process and it works, strange….

My OS is Win7 32bit, eclipse 3.6 and designer 5.8

Perhaps someone create a JIRA ?