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External Application Transaction Management

Question asked by sobh540 on Nov 28, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2011 by xiegs2007
Dear Activit Users,

In my company, we have requirement for workflow and i have been working on it from last 2 weeks. I am planning to integrate Activiti (bundled in my EAR) into my application with two different schemas (one for app and the other for Activiti procesess). I have few queries, i tried searching for the same, but couldn't fine one.

1. How can i use 2 transaction managers (1 for activit process related transactions and the other for app transaction manger) in a single
step1 : Application creates a record into application database
step2 : create process instance
step3 : update record
If there any exception in the above steps i want to rollback the complete data and show error.

2. If i invoke multiple process in step2, if one of process got exception how do i mainatin the transaction?