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What happens to processes after server restart (Critical) ?

Question asked by sazzadul on Dec 2, 2011
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2011 by heymjo
I have an issue with activiti which seems to be a showstopper. I have raised this issue earlier in this forum but didn't get any proper answer.
Here is the scenrio: I hava a processdef(long running) with several servicetasks and if the server gets restarted during the execution of say servicetask3
then activiti will never continue it again when the server starts up again. I have defined all the servicetasks as asyn which does not help.

There isn't any api funtion eithter which can be used to continue the servicetask.

I see that there is a row in table ACT_RU_EXECUTION for servicetask3 with status active.
35205   3   35205   NULL   NULL   MyProcess:2:35204   NULL   servicetask3   1   0   1

I will effectively have thousands of such processes and to loose these will be devastating.

I am attaching the screenshot of my processdef.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.