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ACC - Task Explorer : an Android Activiti Mobile Explorer

Question asked by jm.pascal1 on Dec 11, 2011
Hello world,

After a month of work, please welcome my android application called of ACC Task Explorer available in Android Market.

*** Important Note ***
WORKS ONLY with the latest trunk (3090 commit SVN) version of Activiti !! Doesn't work with 5.8 version.

Features :
* Tasks Dashboard : Inbox, My Tasks, Involved task, Queued Task
* Task action : Add Task & Subtask, Reassign, transfert
* Task action : Add link
* Task action : Complete or claim
* Process Definition : start a process
* Process Instance : listing

These versions are under development and may undergo many changes.
However if you want your first Task Mobile experience, I thinks these app are great first steps and it only cost a mp3 song  

It would be a shame not to try.

If you need a preview look at this youtube video :

In any case, feel free to experiment, make comments, propose new features or report errors.